Charting the Path for Effective Website Development

Web development is a long process and likes to claim its victims. If you don’t know the right methods of getting things done – your website will fail. Simple.

The first rule of an effective website is:

All that matters to make a website successful is the usability. Users don’t see the design first, the great content you’ve written over a week, or the videos you got made for your precious dollars. Truth be told, most users are pretty hasty on web. They search, click on something that attracts them or seems relevant, scan it, then decide whether to stay or leave all within 10-20 seconds.

You need to make a magnetic website. If you understand that, and develop your website according to that, you will be successful. Also, most web developers monitor web development trends very closely. If you want to succeed, having information about the latest web development trends is necessary for you as well.

As web developers, we know what goes into effective website development.


  • Design clean, make your message and call to action obvious, and remember that content is king.Good quality content wins battles. Bad quality content gets you down voted on search engine result pages.
  • Content shall be arranged in a coherent visual hierarchy.
  • Images, color scheme, font usage, layout, ease of navigation, etc. – everything works towards making your website more successful. So get into the practice of taking feedback and constant improvisation.
  • If your website is not mobile-friendly, you’re doomed. Most users access websites from their smartphones, tablets, and even generic phones. If your website isn’t responsive, you’re losing out to your competitors.

Development basics

  • Web development is all about serving your clients. Keep your webpages fast and trim down on unnecessary code and images.
  • Closely follow web development trends like what’s working right now and which methods are turning gray.
  • Use CSS minimizing tools available online for free. Strip away scripts you don’t need. Try to load low priority scripts in the footer PHP file.


  • The purpose of your website shall be very clear. The ideas, message, promise, products, and services – whatever it has, shall be communicated directly without any confusion. Don’t make your users wait or confused.
  • Don’t hide.Don’t try to trick them into something just to learn that you only accept credit cards or that your website deals in furniture but doesn’t ship overseas.
  • Most experienced web developers leverage the powers of web application development  for making their website content even more usable and engaging.
  • If you have a unique brand promise – make it clear right away. Don’t make your visitors explore to figure it out. The sooner they know the better, because everyone’s in a hurry.

Mechanics: interaction and marketing

  • Web application development is one of the pioneer technologies of modern web development trends. Use the full extent of web application development to make your websites even more interactive for the visitors. The more interactive your website is, the more loyal customers it will attract.
  • Once your website is set up and running smoothly, your next step is to ensure a good supply of traffic. Use SEO and SEM techniques. Digital marketing is one of the most important things to do if you want your website to live and generate value for a long term.
  • Everyone starts slow. So, when we’re charting the path for effective website development, we need to know that we will start small and slow as well. You need to cherish the website like your child, and with time, it will give you results. Patience is one of the biggest weapons for effective web development.

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