An Update on Current Web Design Trends

Web design is an ever-changing. It has transformed greatly over the years. Anyone wishing to step into it needs to be familiar with the current web design trends.

So here’s an update on current web design trends:

CSS animations, SVG, and illustrations

  • CSS animations are rich but subtle, and people like them.
  • They are interactive and make websites look lively and engaging.
  • CSS animations are faster and less RAM-demanding than stock videos and Javascript interactions.
  • SVG images don’t pixelate at large resolution because they’re mathematically redrawn at the screen size in question. Instead of heavy high-resolution imagery, SVGs should be used.
  • Photography, however, is best viewed in high resolution raster format (JPG, PNG, GIF), at least until now.
  • Illustrations are the new age web graphics. Stock photos breed boredom. Illustrations bring the website to life and add a touch of creativity.

Responsive design

  • Responsive design isn’t a new thing, but this web designing trend is slowly shifting.
  • Now it’s not just optional, but considered a best practice.
  • It’s highly recommended in current web design trends to design mobile-first.
  • It’s one of the benefits of web design to make websites easily usable by mobiles.

Big HD covers

  • Big HD covers splashed on websites make the whole design look awe-inspiring.
  • Also called hero images, the big covers are used to emphasize specific content, and add a great deal of gravity to the message and the whole design.

Long shadows and flat design

  • Flat design has been developing since a long time in web designing. In recent times it’s been perfected.
  • Modern web design utilizes flat design in plenty.
  • Long shadows are already a popular choice, especially with vibrant color schemes, button-like anchors, and iconographic flat designs.

Material design

  • Google’s Material Design aims to bring realism into web design. In some aspects it faces off against flat design, yet in some it seamlessly incorporates with the same to have a hybrid effect.
  • Material Design utilizes drop shadows and depth illusion effects to bring websites some energy.


  • Microinteractions mean the little toggle, switch, on-and-off, etc. effects largely implemented in web apps, mobile apps, and mobile-first websites.
  • Microinteractions are one of the greatest current web design trends and they give a sense of completion and control to the user.
  • Microinteractions leverage benefits of web design to full extent by making internet seem like a user-friendly app.

Parallax and long scroll

  • Parallax is an effect where the website background and foreground scroll at different speeds, producing an amazing effect of depth and layers.
  • The finest work I’ve seen is the Firefox OS homepage (at the time of launch). Parallax designs layer the elements and information in engaging snippets. Parallax, however, is not recommended for mobile websites. Although modern mobile browsers like Chrome and Firefox can display them with ease, a large part of browsers can’t. So have a backup plan for mobiles.
  • Long scroll is a great web design trend that utilizes people’s ability to scroll long pages thanks to mobile screens for displaying more information and data than before.

And some others

  • Card layout: Presenting unified, contextually related information in boxes is the modern method of serving information because today people like to scan webpages not read them wholly.
  • Typographic exploration: Some call this dramatic typography. Websites are using more and more types (font families) that reflect their ideas and style in their websites now that internet speeds are higher than ever and online linking of fonts easier. It also gets rid of the compulsion to use raster graphics for every little thing written in a stylized font.
  • Hamburger menu: Hamburger menus are ruling web design. Although there’s a fair bit of criticism for them, as they can hide potential content under them, but they’ll rule nonetheless. A good way to make your website cleaner and more organized, some argue.

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