Application Development: Problems and Solutions

Application development is the necessity of each business. With smartphone (and tablet) users spiking over the recent years – everybody is seeing the potential that’s reserved in the field of mobile application development. However, application development isn’t easy. Android application development struggles against the non-spending nature of Play Store users and the ways to employ […]

The Advantages of HTML5 Mobile App Development

HTML5 development is better than developing native iOS or Android apps in many cases. In this article, we’ll figure out why is that exactly and what technologies are HTML5 developers using to make user interaction better. Before that, it needs to be made clear that this article presents a total of 7 advantages. However, in […]

The Art & Science of Software Development

Software development is a broad discipline that covers multiple platforms, devices, programming languages, software development processes and other considerations. It’s an art – you need a creative mind and artistic passion to build good software. At the same time, it’s a science with all the methodologies, paradigms, languages, and sets of rules and restrictions. To […]

An Update on Current Web Design Trends

Web design is an ever-changing. It has transformed greatly over the years. Anyone wishing to step into it needs to be familiar with the current web design trends. So here’s an update on current web design trends: CSS animations, SVG, and illustrations CSS animations are rich but subtle, and people like them. They are interactive […]